We focus on beneficial and long term relationship

Carriers are offered attractive terms of cooperation, mutual benefits and an exchange of valuable experience. There are no summits we cannot conquer. If you long for new challenges and want to focus on your development - we are for you.


An offer for carriers is our special package of benefits, which we have prepared for companies interested in the cooperation with Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.]

Why you should cooperate with us? We have a great trust in business to our credit and our long-term honest work has resulted in being issued prestigious certificates: The certificate of A RELIABLE COMPANY we have been continuously receiving since 2012 and the certificate of Business Credibility CWB since the year 2015. These awards are the best proof of our business integrity, reliability and the highest quality of services.

The prompt completion of payments is of a highest priority for us – invoices for completed transport are always paid on time, because we know how important it is to maintain liquidity in the transport business. Due to working with us you can sleep peacefully without worrying about whether or not the money will come in time – it is our duty to ensure that this is to happen.

Mutual trust and joy of jointly earned profits make us willingly decide to establish permanent cooperation with reliable carriers. We offer the possibility of signing long-term contracts with a guarantee of attractive orders for transportation. An additional benefit of cooperation with our company, among other things, is the SKONTO service, that is, guaranteed early payments for complete orders.




You wonder when it is your payment to come? Fill out the form below and check the status of your payment:

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See how much you can gain

You are a carrier and you are interested in cooperation with Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.]? You wonder what benefits permanent cooperation with our company is going to bring you? Do not wait and call us today. Our clients are offered an extensive package of benefits and a possibility of signing long-term contracts for transportation. Under the contract, you will gain guaranteed orders, favorable rates and attractive transport routes.

The advantages to be gained from driving for Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.]:

Advantageous terms of a long-term contract

Regular loads and attractive transport routes

Advantageous freight rates

Cooperation with a dynamically developing company

A payment on time or even earlier

The SKONTO service with a guarantee of quick payment

The SKONTO service for carriers

The SKONTO service for carriers
Specifically for our carriers, Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.] has launched the SKONTO service which enables to obtain an early payment for services before the agreed date of payment. The service is available to all of our partner carriers.

How many days of receipt of complete documents follow the payment:
After 3 days 10%
After 5 days, 9%
After 7 days 8%
After 9 days, 7%
After 11 days, 6%
After 14 days, 5%

The condition of using the SKONTO service is issuing a VAT invoice (reduced by the agreed percentage of SKONTO or a given discount) issued under the terms of a particular order and sending it to the Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.] office with a set of original documents. The amount of SKONTO depends on a new and earlier date for payment and amounts to:
For regular partners, there is a possibility of individual determination of the above parameters.
Feel free to contact our accounting department.