Each customer can count on an individual approach

What makes us diffrent? We do not focus on the problems, but finding solutions. Courageously, we realize the expectations of our customers and provide the best solutions. Together we can do really a lot - check us out.


Cenergo Logistics is a dynamically developing Polish forwarding company. We are specialists in the field of road transport – we offer transportation of goods in Poland and European countries. We can guarantee that the service will be efficient and professional

Besides transport services, we offer high-quality shipping care, which is evidenced by our qualified and helpful freight forwarders. All customers are guaranteed for efficient and professional logistics service in every stage of the service completion. Each customer can contact a Cenergo employee and ask about the status of the transport.


The cooperation with Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.] is connected to:
– an individual approach to every order
– prompt deliveries
– trusted carriers
– security of the cargo entrusted to us
– a CARGO Insurance and an OCP Insurance
– professional completion of orders from start to finish
Cenergo Logistyka sp. z o.o [Ltd.] implements a standard transport and delivery options:
– transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
– partial shipments (ie. added loads)
– express shipments
– transportation of oversized loads
– transport outside the EU – the organization of customs clearance
– solutions tailored to individual customer’s needs

What makes us special?

Cargo security

A consulting service on cargo transport organization

Adapting services to meet customer needs

Constant information on the course of transport

Meeting a deadline of the order

A possibility of signing cooperation agreements

A loyalty system for regular customers

Attractive prices


In response to our customers’ needs, we are able to organize any kind of vehicle – not only standard vehicles but also unusual vehicles such as platform or refrigerator trucks.

RodzajDługośćSzerokośćWysokośćŁadowność w tonachIlość euro paletZabudowa
Truck standard13,62,45-2,52,60-2,752433Lorem

We can also provide transport with the following vehicles:
– food tankers,
– dumper trucks,
– platform trucks
– vehicles with a lift and pallet truck

Where we go

Due to the cooperation with reliable carriers we provide an easy transport and quick delivery across the country and abroad.

We offer transport services in the following directions:

Western Europe – Germany, Austria, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal
Benelux countries – Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Central Europe – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia
Southern Europe – Greece, Balkan Countries
Eastern Europe – Belarus, Ukraine
Asia Minor – Turkey
Russia, Kazakhstan


We offer a Cargo Insurance for customers - secure your interests and do not waste your money!